Mission & Vision

Mission:-  We are dedicated to promote and foster a culture of high quality teaching and learning and to serve societal needs by encouraging, generating and promotion excellence in research and extension activities. 

Vision:- P.V.P. Mahavidyalaya is committed to meet the Educational,Social, Cultural & Economic needs of the region and the nation to create a just and Humane Society. 

Junior Staff
Full Name Shri. B.N. Patil Designation Vice Principal ;
Subject History, Poli. Science Date of Joining 07/27/1991
Date of Retirement 05/31/2022 Mobile No. 9421183588
E-mail ID patilbn1964@rediffmail.com
Full Name Shri. S.V. Karche Designation Assistant Teacher ;
Subject Physics Date of Joining 06/20/1992
Date of Retirement 05/31/2022 Mobile No. 7038311197
E-mail ID psvkarche@gmail.com
Full Name Smt. S.S. Suryawanshi  Designation Assistant Teacher ;
Subject Marathi Date of Joining 06/20/1992
Date of Retirement 05/31/2024 Mobile No. 9561341797
E-mail ID seemasurya1966@gmail.com
Full Name Shri. S.N. Torane            Designation Assistant Teacher ;
Subject Chemistry Date of Joining 07/15/1994
Date of Retirement 05/31/2025 Mobile No. 9420675206
E-mail ID toranesunil892@gmail.com
Full Name Shri. T.A. Waghmare Designation Assistant Teacher ;
Subject Co-operation Date of Joining 08/02/1995
Date of Retirement 06/30/2024 Mobile No. 9096603380
E-mail ID waghamareta@rediffmail.com
Full Name Smt. V.S. Torane Designation Assistant Teacherl ;
Subject History Date of Joining 08/04/2002
Date of Retirement 02/28/2029 Mobile No. 7420008474
E-mail ID toranevaishanavi@gmail.com
Full Name Shri. D.P. Yadav Designation Assistant Teacher ;
Subject Geography Date of Joining 06/15/2007
Date of Retirement 02/28/2030 Mobile No. 9860548309
E-mail ID dpyadav0202@gmail.com
Full Name Shri. A.S. Kolekar Designation Assistant Teacher ;
Subject English Date of Joining 07/01/2010
Date of Retirement 06/30/2045 Mobile No. 9960355358
E-mail ID appasokolekar1@gmail.com
Full Name Smt. S.D. Olekar Designation Assistant Teacher ;
Subject Marathi Date of Joining 12/05/2011
Date of Retirement 11/30/2040 Mobile No. 9860757257
E-mail ID sunitapvpmkm@gmail.com